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Explode your practice with more new patients by dominating the Google Local Map 3 Box.

This is by far the easiest and fastest way to get your practice ranked on the First Page of Google!
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Chiropractor, Dentist, Podiatrist, General Practitioner, Physical Therapist, DOT Examiner etc.
If you are a physician or local brick and mortar business then you need to know how to get more new patients from the internet!  Our program will also help you expand your other services!  

Google Map Marketing For Your Practice

Everyone uses Google! When you're looking for a business, you go to Google. Your patients and prospective patients are no different.  

Your business needs to be on the first page of Google if you want more new patients, it's as simple as that.

This is a simple method that you can implement that will not only get you a ton of new patients but will also turbo charge ALL of your marketing and help you dominate, crush and destroy the competition.

This sure fire way to attract new patients with  little or no cost is NOT Facebook, NOT YouTube, and NOT Google Advertising. It's so easy that anyone can do it (if you know how).

It is an evergreen strategy where once you have it set up you could almost forget about it and it will still bring in new patients, today, tomorrow, and forever.

And here’s a little dirty secret that major advertising agencies don’t tell you.   And that is, you should focus on being FOUND on the first page of Google, before you start advertising. 

Listen, you're spending good money on advertising and when your new prospect responds to your ad by vetting or researching you on Google, they are half way there. They’re primed to take you up on your offer, but if you’re not visible on the first page then your prospect is going to choose someone who is!  Why? Because it's easier for them, and most people are lazy.  Don't let your competition be the one they find on Google!

The fact is, is that 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engine results and 92% of them will pick a business on the first page. In fact, the Google Map Box gets almost 48% of all of these First Page Clicks!  

Explode your practice with more new patients by dominating the Google Local Map 3 Box.

This is still the easiest and fastest way to get your practice ranked on the First Page of Google!  And, most businesses have no clue how to do this.

Our Google Maps New Patient Blueprint is the answer you've been waiting for.  This is going to be the most talked about marketing strategy for 2020!  Click the Access Now button and let's get your phone ringing and your visibility rocking!

Advanced Ranking Strategies

After your basic set-up and optimization we'll walk you through our advanced ranking strategies and techniques.  Our unique system will catapult your listing and help you dominate the local market.

Break Into Any Niche

It's not enough to just dominate for your main keywords like "your city + your profession" ie. "chicago dentist" or "miami chiropractor" there's more Niches to explore.  Think about what you offer for services, each of these are their own niche and you should be ranking for them.  Or Maybe you're bringing in a new product or service that you want to get more patients for. 

Google My Business Profile Hacks

Anyone can fill out their profile with the basics but these little known tweaks, techniques and hacks are what makes your GMB Profile out last and out rank your competition.  If you want to be the "Big Dog" in town then you need a profile that not only dominates but is STRONG with deep roots.

Advanced Google My Business SEO Optimization

Being the "Top Dog" in any local market comes with a price.  Everyone wants to out rank you and push you out of Google.  It's like playing King of the Hill except now your competition wants to knock you off the mountain (of high ranking maps etc.).  We're going to show you the most advanced Search Engine Optimization techniques for both your GMB profile and your website.  Combined with the "Marketing Agency Secrets" your profile and your ranking will crush the competition.

Google My Business Profile Set-Up

Every thing you need to set up your business profile.  We give you "over-the-shoulder" instruction on what you need in your profile.  Most businesses don't complete their Google My Business Profile correctly and it hurts their listing and their ranking.  These easy directions are the core foundation of a strong successful listing and will help you maintain your ranking position for years to come!

Marketing Agency Secrets For Dominating Your Local Map

The most sought after marketing secrets about unlocking the full potential of your Google My Business Profile and getting in ranked in the Google 3 Box.  You will not have to pay recurring fees to manage and continue to rank your listing because we're showing you the inside secrets, tools and services that they use while charging thousands to clients just like you.  The Good News, is that our one time purchase will save you thousands while at the same time deliver marketing agency results!

Check Out These Bonuses

Advanced Keyword Research Training

Crushing the competition all starts with knowing what keywords are important and which keywords to rank for.  Included is a review of a few free keyword tools and perhaps the best paid keyword research tool that you've ever seen! (and it's very easy to use).

Citation Building & Monster Linking Package

What is a Citation? Citations are any mention of a business online. The more credibility the domain has that is hosting this citation the more credible this citation is. The more citations you have in general the more credible your business is in Google eyes.  The more high quality citations you have the higher and easier your Google My Business Listing will Rank in Google Maps.

Advanced Training on Expanding Your Map Area

Getting your listing ranked in your local centric area is guaranteed!  But what about learning how to get your listing ranked in the next town, or the next!  Our advanced techniques and strategies are not commonly known and will help to get you more rankings, more visibility and more business!

Hacking In To Niche's 

After you're ranking in Google Maps it's time to start ranking for those special high profit niches that you offer.  This report will guide you on how to add your niches to your ranking campaign without damage.
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